Beno is short for Be Innovative, which has been our compass since Beno was established in 2016. We are a team of engineers with a passion to build amazing things that contribute towards a smarter, more connected future.

We focus on solving modern mobility challenges through technological advancement.

Building wonderful things that make people happy makes us happy; and that is our goal – which we’ve summed up in The Beno Promise.

Over-engineer, not under-engineer

Buy with confidence. Each product we make is designed and tested to be robust. ​

Innovation at an affordable price

We believe that innovation should be accessible to all. The magic of crowdfunding helps us to fund our products in stages, bringing down production costs. We pass the savings on to you!

We only build products we love

We only build products that we would love to use ourselves. After all, we are our own fussiest customers and harshest critics.​

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Bayan Lepas Industrial Park 4, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia